5 Tips on Buying a Used Motorcycle

Buying used motorcycles is a good way to enjoy the benefits of ownership at a significant discount. There are numerous low-mileage used bikes for sale, and with a bit of knowledge, riders can avoid being stuck with a clunker. Below are several tips on buying a used bike without being taken for a ride.

Look for Damage

One of the first things a new rider should look for is damage such as scratches, dents, or scuffs, which can indicate a prior crash. Damage isn’t a deal-breaker in every case, but the purchase price should reflect the diminished value. Buying a well-maintained bike means less money spent on maintenance and repairs down the road.

Check the VIN

Just like cars, there’s a VIN (vehicle identification number) on every bike. Buyers can use the VIN to verify whether the bike has been previously stolen or involved in an accident. If someone buys a used bike, it’s important to ensure that the VIN on the bike matches what’s printed on the title. If the numbers don’t match, look elsewhere for a used bike.

Look at the Tires

A bike’s tires can give a buyer an idea as to the previous owner’s riding habits, and a quick examination allows them to budget for the cost of new tires if needed. If the bike’s rear tire is worn flat and grooved, it’s likely that the previous owner spent some time in the burnout pit. Other wear patterns can indicate whether a bike has been set up improperly.

Examine Levers, Bar Ends, and Footpegs

This is one of the easiest ways to check the condition of used motorcycles. Levers often bend on impact, and damage here can point to a previous accident. The same applies to footpegs; look for bending or scarring during a pre-purchase inspection. Minor damage isn’t a problem, but severe flaws should make a buyer reconsider the purchase.

Look at the Bike’s Overall Condition

The motorcycle’s odometer reading isn’t as important as its overall condition. It’s possible to buy a high-mileage bike that’s been well maintained, just as it’s possible to find a low-mileage motorcycle that’s been ridden hard and neglected. The experts at http://www.texasbestusedmotorcycles.com/ buy hundreds of bikes each year, and they know a good deal when they see one. The sales team knows what to look for, and certified technicians can resolve problems before they get out of hand. Buyers can head to texasbestusedmotorcycles.com for more details.

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